THP 85

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Lettmann’s new THP 85 – Available now!

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THP 85

We are currently very low on stock but you can take advantage of preorder prices by ordering a THP for October 2024 in your preferred colour: Orders placed by 30 June 2024 qualify for pre-order special pricing as shown. Order online or email us if you would like more information first. The colours shown in the colour selector above are 2024 options, and stock on hand.

We did it! Our Machete’s incredible features blew our mind, which inspired us to design a new creek boat. We “recycled” its flat hull and sharp edges. We added even more rocker and plenty more volume in the rear, which makes the THP a safe kayak in big water and after big drops. Skipping and Boofing made dry. Speaking of Boofing: Getting a kayak with edges as sharp as a machete to boof effortlessly was never easier than now!  But while it can cut water like a bush knife cuts liana, its central volume package in the rear can shoot you up the sky – if you want it to. Being in control of this creek boat is a piece of cake. Its sensitive characteristics allow easy corrections without slowing down and you can turn it on the spot, almost like a half slice. You wouldn’t want to miss this: “The Horny Potato” – worth a shocking name!

But what’s behind the name, one might wonder? Well our prototype was, let’s face it, not the most aesthetically pleasing, which is why it was soon to be named potato. And just like we did to the prototype we added a little bit of spice to the name.


• Aluminium safety handle front & rear
• 3 additional aluminium safety handles, 2 behind and 1 in front of cockpit
• Size-adjustable aluminium bulkhead footrest
• Drain Bung
• 3-D Safety Bulkhead Footrest
• Adjustable, padded thigh braces
• Padded backrest, adjustable with ratchets
• Foam support pillars front and rear
• Centre Rail
• New Flexi-Seat with integrated hip pads

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THP 85 Tech Specs

Length: 274 cm
Width: 66.5 cm
Volume: approx. 330 Litres
Cockpit Size: 93 x 50 cm
Weight: 21.5 kg
Paddler weight: up to 100kg