Royal Flush

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Spade Kayaks “Royal Flush”: grab what we’ve got now, or book in for 2023.


One Royal Flush left, slightly used, no damage and hardly any scratches.
The Royal Flush is an ultra-dynamic kayak which excels in deep waters, but doesn’t mind a low water creek run either.
If you like to pull the stick and swing the hips, the Royal Flush is your weapon.

Tech Specs

Length: 274 cm
Width: 68 cm
Cockpit: 90 x 45cm
Volume: 335 litres
Weight: 23 kg
Paddler: 70 – 120 kg


When fitting out the boat, we focussed consistently on ergonomics and weight optimisation: Thanks to the smart design of parts, we have created a sturdy cockpit for a direct and ergonomic interface between the paddler and the boat’s hull. The footrest, thigh braces, seat, hip pads and backrest are all tailored to the ergonomics of a paddler for an untiring day on the river.

Backrest adjustment, like with all other Spade Kayaks, works through a rope and cam cleats sytem. This is super solid and easy to repair on the go if the rope snaps when out on the river. Ratchet style backrest adjustment is available as an aftermorket accessory for extra cost but you won’t need it – cam cleats are well established and work reliably when the correct rope type is used.

Our fully integrated seat-rail-tower combo enables ergonomic seating over long periods on the water. The tower supports the cockpit area in pinned situations and over large drops. It also can be used as an emergency step for a safe exit in critical situations.