Whitewater Pulley

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Pulley for your whitewater kayaking pin kit

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Whitewater Pulley

Selected for its shape and light weight to be an efficient rescue tool for whitewater kayakers. A must-have item in your pin kit. Side swing pulley for easy insertion of rope up to 13 mm diameter. Works with any connector (wire gate, screw gate, twist lock karabiner).

Maximum load of 20kN, this device is ideal for use in rescue systems and on tensioned rope ways.

Tech Specs:
Material: Anodised aluminium
Colour: Red
Size: 72mm x 55mm x 15mm
Weight: 98g
Strength: 20kN (10 kN in both directions)
Certification: EN12278
Side swing opening
Rope Ø ≤ 13 mm