Class FiVe Pin Kit

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Pin Kit for expeditions and whitewater guides

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We have compiled a compact pin kit which contains the essentails you need to set yourself up for more adventurous kayaking trips, expeditions or for group leaders.

We’re using our pulleys, twist lock and screw gate karabiners for this kit.
The 6 mm diameter prusik rope is made in a durable kernmatel construction with a linear breaking strength of 7.2 kN. It’s CE EN564 & UIAA standard certified. 1.5m of rope is knotted into a Prusik sling and there are two in the kit.

Slings are made from 25 mm wide tubular polyester webbing. Polyester (if compared to nylon) is slightly stronger and has the advantage of higher UV stability. It also soaks up less water. The sling material  has a breaking strength of 16 kN when pulled end-to-end. The ends of the slings are sewn into eyelets which fit a carabiner and allows for quick construction of a short or long anchor loop with the aid of a carabiner. Combine both slings with a carabiner into an extra long loop. The eyelets are big enough to loop the webbing in itself.

Spread out the pin kit over different pockets in your lifejacket and dry bags during your trip. For storage, the whole kit fits into the mesh bag.

Pin Kit includes:

  • 2 Class FiVe Whitewater Pulleys
  • 2 Class FiVe HMS Screw Lock carabiners
  • 2 Class FiVe Twist Lock carabiners
  • 2 Prusik loops, knotted, approx. 1.5 m long
  • 1 Sling with sewn eyelets, yellow, 4.0 m long
  • 1 Sling with sewn eyelets, red, 2.5 m long
  • Storage mesh bag 200 x 240 mm