Wire Gate Paddle Karabiner

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Paddle karabiner with large gate opening.

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The “original” paddle karabiner in traditional HMS shape but with extra large gate opening to fit around paddle shafts. Created in the mid to late 1980s this shape has passed the test of times and has been unchanged. The bent wire gate allows for easy, one-handed clip-in. While it’s been designed for attaching a paddle it has found various other applications due to the wide gate, allowing items up to 32 mm to be clipped in.
This model is also supplied with the Palm Cowtail.

We source the carabiners from Kong in Italy, tested individually to 75% of their load before being shipped. Tested, certified and guaranteed to go over a paddle shaft.

If you are after a screw lock carabiner click here for the Class FiVe HMS Screw Gate Karabiner. And a 2-stage Twist Auto Lock Karabiner can be found here.

Tech Specs:
Material: Aluminium with wire gate
Dimensions: 116 x 75 mm
Gate Opening: 32mm
Tested Load Capacity:
• Main axis load: 22kN
• Minor axis load: 8kN
• Open gate load: 7kN
Weight: 71 g
Standard: CE 0426, EN 12275:2013
Colour: Cyan