Hydration Bladder

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Hydration Bladder 1.5L, suitable for Palm Extrem PFD, Extrem Womens PFD, Kaikoura Touring PFD, Hydro PFD, Peyto PFD.

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A high quality TPU hydration bladder that holds 1.5 litres of liquid. It fits into Palm’s hydration bladder compatible personal floatation devices (Extrem PFDExtrem Women’s PFDKaikoura Touring PFDHydro PFD).

Materials: Medical grade TPU
Weight: 121 g
Dimensions: 1.5 L volume

Other Features:
High quality medical grade TPU
Drinking tube with TPU mouthpiece
Handy volume gauge printed on front
Eyelets for securing inside pouch
Suitable for use with Extrem‚ Kaikoura‚ Peyto and Hydro PFDs

Colour: Translucent Blue
Size: One size 1.5 Litres

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