Hells Bells

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Whitewater paddle with foam core

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The Hells Bells is made in Robson’s FlowTech technology. Blades are lighter and more durable than traditional materials, stiff, and don’t flutter. The foam core lends extra buoyancy in aerated water and the blade is constructed epoxy free.

Big, down turned blades for more positive power in the water and less chance of catching on your boat. Stable bracing and rolling. A top creeking paddle with cool optics.

This paddle can also be ordered as a 4-piece split with pin joints at the blade ends and in the centre of the shaft. This option costs $ 50.00.

Shaft: straight fiberglass with ovalised hand grips
Blade size: L
Blade Dimensions: 42 x 22 cm
Blade surface: 660cm2
Weight: 1000g
Length: 198 cm
Feather: 45 degrees

RRP: NZ$ 690.00 now NZ$ 459.00