DVD “The Kayak Roll”

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An award winning rolling DVD

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“The Kayak Roll” DVD by Kent Ford

In this award winning rolling DVD, you will learn:

  • How a proper setup position helps orient and protect you underwater.
  • The hip snap- and how it faciliates easy rolling.
  • The path of the blade for an effortless twisting sweep roll.
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting tips and techniques.
  • How to protect your shoulder and bombproof your roll.
  • How to avoid lifting your head- and killing the roll.

The Kayak Roll DVD is designed for every skill level, beginner to teacher. Part one presents a step by step learning progression enabling you to learn an effortless roll from scratch. Part two is the diagnostic section, which offers solutions to help you tune-up a roll.

Every paddler will enjoy our kayak rolling techniques, whether they are beginner struggling to learn, an intermediate seeking to improve, or an advanced boater learning to teach a buddy. For whitewater and sea kayakers.  Produced by veteran instructors Kent Ford with Dan Crandall, Mary DeRiemer,and Phil DeRiemer.

Duration: 62 Minutes