Cowtail with Karabiner

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Cowtail with large gate paddle karabiner.
Alternative product: Palm Cowtail

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Cowtail with large gate paddle karabiner

The Class Five cowtail with karabiner is currently out of stock. Please select Palm Cowtail with karabiner.

Integral stainless steel O-ring at one end to fit a rescue PFD harness (requires safety quick release).
25mm tubular tape webbing with elasticated core, 18kN breaking strength (CE EN 565 compliant webbing). 75cm extended length. High visibility colour. Bartack stitched.
We produce this ourselves under the Class Five brand, a top quality product with no quality compromise.
Comes with a paddle carabiner with wire gate and extra large opening. Rated karabiner (22kN), brand may vary.

A cowtail can be used:
• as a towline to get an exhausted swimmer back to safety quickly
• as a connecting point to your own chest harness in a pin situation
• as a quick and safe way to clip yourself to a throwline in a livebait rescue
• as an anchor point for a pulley and much more

Important safety notice: Using a cowtail for gear recovery from your kayak can be extremely risky! Attempt this only if you have practiced that before and be aware of the high forces on your body and the cowtail/PFD harness system when attached to a kayak full of water! We do not recommend cowtail use for gear recovery!