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Simple yet tasteful, the Zet Chili has been flavoured for fun.

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Combing the elegance of a modern slalom boat with the playfulness of a river runner the Zet Chili has the right ingredients for all levels of paddlers to enjoy. It has a fast, agile hull and a long smooth rocker which will make surfing waves and gliding through holes a breeze. Sporty and nimble, its flirty, flat stern is guaranteed to spice up your eddy turns and add zest to your squirts and splats. The versatility of the Zet Chili makes it the go-to choice for paddlers seeking to unlock the extra fun in their river runs. After all, why just paddle a river when you can play on it too?

Zet’s simple yet proven outfitting design remains robust, fully adjustable, and comfortable. The thigh braces have been reshaped for greater comfort. A sturdy, closed-cell foam seat protects you from bigger impacts and provides considerable warmth compared to padded “water sponging” seats. Both front and rear pillar braces are formed seamlessly with the cockpit rim for added structural rigidity, safety and functionality. A supportive, dual ratcheting back-band sits firmly in place while providing unrestricted access to the rear of the boat.

For the footrest a customizable mini-cell foam foot-block is used to achieve the lightest, driest boat possible. This has been optional for all other Zet kayaks for years, works very well, and and is a solution that work ideal for the boat’s shape and maintains its light weight.

Other advantages of ZET Kayaks include:

– 2 year conditional warranty.
– Minimum number of hardware holes in the hull.
– Highly functional outfitting & interior attachment points.
– An original & progressive design with input from Zet Team paddlers.


Tech Specs

Length: 273 cm
Width: 62 cm
Volume: 233 L
Cockpit: 91 x 50 cm
Paddler weight: 60 – 100 kg
Weight: approx. 21 kg