Book “Whitewater Kayaking”

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Instructional book about white water kayaking

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White Water Kayaking : The New School of Modern White Water Kayaking
Author: Olli Grau

This is an instructional book about white water kayaking. Olli Grau is one of today’s leading kayaking experts and, in this book, he draws a blueprint for learning kayaking safely and successfully. He includes the latest developments in kayak design and technique, learning style and psychology, and the new scientific approach to kayaking.

The book’s unconventional structure is orientated at the learning curve of paddlers. Beginners can follow chronologically; experts can immediately find useful and interesting tips for their particular stage of paddling development.

Concentric learning techniques are used in areas of white water anatomy; tactics & manoeuvres; technique; tricks and headwork.
The book offers knowledge for every class of white water: Flat water – this work helps you learn the basic techniques; Moving water; class 1 – it helps you learn the basic tactics and manoeuvres; White water; class 2-3 – learn to judge moderately difficult white water and how to put all the basics together for a successful run; Extreme white water; class 4-5 – paddling at your personal limit.

Pages: 156