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Whitewater and touring PFDs, dry tops, whitewater kayaks and all other accessories , you name it, we’ve got it! 

We have been supplying gear to New Zealand paddlers since 1995, always attempting to make the best kayaking gear from overseas readily available here. We supply a good dealer network around the country which should make it easy for you to shop local. Some of these shops are very well stocked, have good online shops, and can offer you hands-on advice on what’s best for you.
Nothing is more annoying than ordering product online, just to find out later that it’s actually not available, or not even in the country. We have invested in a smart link between website and our inventory, so if a product is listed “In stock” on this site IT IS and you should be able to source it through your closest or most preferred store.
If you’re after an item which is Out of stock on our website don’t despair! Send us a quick message and we can point you to the shop with stock on hand, or we can give you an update when the next delivery is arriving in the country.

Thanks for dropping in and checking out the gear we have. We know you have a choice but we also try to offer good advice and prompt replies should you encounter any difficulties with your equipment. If you have questions, just go to the contact form.

Stay safe out there and enjoy your water experiences with family and friends.

Andi Uhl