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All challenges of 2020 have continued through 2021. However, we’ve been lucky that all our brand partners have been able to supply the equipment that was ordered early in 2021. We’re now pretty well set for spring and summer. There are a few gaps in the product line-up with some sizes or colours missing but we have a number of shipments in transit and planned for the next few months, once they arrive we should be in a good position for things to come.

We have lots of PFDs, dry tops, whitewater kayaks and all other accessories in stock to last us through the best part of summer 2021/22 (hopefully!). 

We supply a good dealer network around the country which should make it easy for you to shop local. Some of these shops are very well stocked, have good online shops, and can offer you hands-on advice on what’s best for you.
Nothing is more annoying than ordering product online, just to find out later that it’s actually not available, or not even in the country. We have invested in a smart link between the website and our inventory, so if a product is listed “In stock” on this site IT IS and you should be able to source it through your closest or most preferred store.

Thanks for dropping in to this website and checking out the gear we have. If you have questions, just go to the contact form.

Stay safe and healthy, and most importantly enjoy your times on the water with family and friends.

Andi Uhl