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 June 2020

It feels great being out of lockdown and restrictions!

We haven’t really planned for a pandemic so our stock levels are good and ready for the usual winter trade.

Check out our range of Palm dry and semi-dry jackets. They’re 100% reliable, long lasting, comfortable, very functional, look good, and they work! For the extra cold days you can complement them with dry or splash pants, and for regular winter paddlers we have dry suits in stock as well.

During May we received a shipment of Palm’s 2020 model whitewater PFDs.
Nevis, Extrem and FXr PFDs are now available in new looks, colours, and with a major new safety feature. Click on New Arrivals above, this page has those products listed that are either brand new in stock, or which were sold out but have arrived recently and we have now most or all sizes and colours available again

We supply your favourite kayak shop, just talk to your local retailer if you need something.

Thanks for dropping in to this website and checking out the gear we have. Any questions, just go to the contact form.

Stay safe and healthy, and most importantly enjoy your times on the water with family and friends.

Andi Uhl